The SUF is dead, long live the Sufferfest!

It might be part of a bigger SYSTM now but the Sufferfest is still alive and kicking.
New sessions (can we call them films?) will be coming over the next few months so hold on to your popcorn.

In the meantime, I’d like all Sufferlandrians to contribute to this thread by telling me:

1- what Sufferfest sessions make your TOP 3 of all time and
2- why do those 3 particularly tickle your senses?

Let’s hear it!

  1. Team Scream - surely no need to expalin why?
  2. Recharger - Makes me happy and reminds me why I get on the bike.
  3. Joyride - Always harder than I remember. Love the manic screaming at the end!

If the new vids are not too far in production can I request that “Abandon Me” gets featured somewhere?


Great news looking forward to some new Sufferfest videos!

  1. Team Scream - great video and workout, best SUF video by a long way!

  2. The Chores - good mix of intervals and it’s always a great feeling to make it through that final sustained interval when you start to question yourself

  3. Attacker - feel good workout and the ending is epic!


Is this a direct order from GVA? :fire:

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  1. The Way Out - first video I downloaded; first introduction to Mike Cotty; harder than you think.

  2. Angels - first video done on the app (already revamped from the original by then); first realization of the enjoyable brutality of the Sufferfest.

  3. Who Dares - probably because it seems to suit my rider type but just a great workout. Fun story, hard work, great music.

  1. Getting Away with it. Not really sure why, but it was my first workout, and I still do it at the start of a new program, when we transition from outdoor cycling to indoor cycling. It’s hard enough, so you’re not doing nothing, but you also aren’t killing yourself.

  2. The Shovel. Hard, yes, but achievable? Maybe just as it’s broken down into blocks that I can wrap my head around more.

  3. Nine Hammers. Yes, the last hammer is a PITA. Yes, it’s unfair. Yes there’s a timewarp or something like that. But there’s also COKE MACHINE.

  1. GOAT: Good soundtrack and incredible scenery and locations.
  2. RECHARGER: Recovery that is actually fun and entertaining. Amazing soundtrack.
  3. AVDP: I never think I’m going to make it after finishing the third set, but the way the storyline, music, along with the cadence/power targets come together always gives me a fighting chance. I love just barely finishing this one!

Thanks, @Francois-Wahoo !

  1. Hell Hath No Fury - I love this one the most, killer workout, very “race” like and a great sub for 2x20.

  2. The Hunted - No breaks on this one, again another great one to train for sustained efforts with bursts well above FTP, like when racing.

  3. The Rookie - Another race like ride (see a pattern yet?) where, assuming you have done the first two intervals correctly, the third is the ultimate sheep/goat separator.


1 Team Scream - Love the story line, and it’s really immersive with the DS talking to you all the way through, just don’t feel I can ever let the team down in those last few minutes!

2 The Chores - great workout, and love the “can I/can’t I” feeling on that last sustained effort

3 Difficult choice between Revolver, Fight Club and Hell Hath No Fury, but think I’ll go for Butter - good story and love the sprint at the end!

  1. Team Scream - until Pro Rides this was the most immersive video we had with an amazing soundtrack. You really felt part of the team. As a time trialist this was just up my street.

  2. Long Scream - An FTP busting classic. Tony Martin in his prime fending off the likes of Cancellera, Wiggins et al. Again the perfect video for me and must be my most played workout. Superb soundtrack.

  3. ISLAGIATT - I always remember seeing the trailer for this and I froze with fear. The best trailer ever! ISLAGIATT takes me out of my comfort zone but who could not love climbing the snow covered mountains and emerging from the mist in the Giro D’Italia. It was also the opportunity to take on Mt Sufferlandria. Probably the best storyline in a video yet.

  1. Angels: My first ever session but also great at working my sustained weakness

  2. The Wretched: Love the music, love the story line, love the video. This one has crushed my soul more times than I care to admit but I absolutely love it!!

  3. Long Scream: Although 9/10 times this will have my on my knees before the end, when you’re truly on it and feeling good this has to be the most satisfying workout to complete!!

3.1) Team Scream/Norway: (Sufferlandrians can’t count anyway so adding some "honourable mentions!). Yes I have two here in one position, but I love both of these pretty equally for pretty much the same reasons. More like an outdoor ride in terms of the variability and the immersion is just so cool!

3.2) Omnium: Firstly, the music and footage in this one are absolutely awesome!! But the thing I really love about it is that it is a good video to do when you simply want to have some fun with the variety and brutality of the efforts!

3.3) Joyride: When I’m trying to get in shape but very short on time, this one is perfect!!


These are not in any particular order.

  1. The Omnium - it is fun, and I love the last 40 seconds before the final cool down.
  2. G.O.A.T - just a fun video with interesting cultural information, who knew that cows bear grudges?
  3. The Shovel - I have learnt to like it, it always seems to appear on my plans.

What? Nobody has mentioned Full Frontal? After all, it is a workout. :slight_smile:


Pretty sure that line is from The Way Out.


Too many …

  1. Angels - first one I did and GvA had me hooked. Climbing with the greats on epic climbs through horrid weather - hard to be beaten.

  2. The Chores - solid workout with a great storyline that makes you feel you’re suffering less than you are. Still have to do chores after though no matter how much I smash it …

  3. Team Scream - so immersive and a solid workout.

Notable mentions:
Recharger - clever - very. From the planning room to the power station to the little battery charging on the top right hand side of the screen. Awesome playlist. Always feel superb after - only reason it’s not in the top 3 is because I always feel superb after! I am, after all, a Sufferlandrian!!! @Francois-Wahoo you did an awesome job with this.
Who dares - recovery after those bursts …


No because GVA wants you to HATE all of them!

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I checked and you are right.

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  1. Revolver
  2. Revolver
  3. Revolver
  1. The chores: dialogues makes me always smile while the workout is very demanding. This is my weapon of choice for MAP developement.

  2. Team scream. Great combination of FTP MAP and AC training. Is the nearest indoor thing to a real race (before pro-rides).

  3. Hell hath no fury. Defeating it was glorious.

Honorable mention: for G.O.A.T. and Revolver because of their laser goat and dinosaur. My child likes them very much.

  1. Recharger (just fantastic and always feel happy after doing this one. DO not get bored of the workout or music despite doing it more frequently than any other workout
  2. Violator - for some insane reason I absolutely love this workout
  3. Team Scream - just an all round great workout (Norway would feature but as it is a Pro Ride now not sure it counts…but all the Pro Rides would feature if they could!)

That is a great question. And the more I think about it the harder it gets to make a choice.
But here is my list.
3. The Shovel - That one always freaks me out when it’s on the plan. I always fear it because it’s so hard. But somehow I know I will make it because the video and the music is so motivating that I easily forget how painful the longer intervals are.
2. Recharger - while this one doesn’t seem too obvious because of its special not-so-much-about-suffering-purpose it has a special hook to it I can never escape. It’s so much motivation!

  1. G.O.A.T. - This is my favorite because it suits me so well. Whenever I do G.O.A.T. I can really connect to the feeling of riding Alpine passes especially since I did ride some of the Swiss mountains featured in the video.