12 Week All Purpose Plan Advanced - Rest Week No 1

Since March 8, I have been following the 12 week all purpose plan strictly which has been really helpful. Last weekend I did the Step Up challenge (which was a great initiative) and was hoping to continue my plan. However after doing Standing Starts, Who Dares, Defender, Fight Club and Half the Road in a 24 hour period, my tank was spent - and had to give ‘It Seemed Like Thin Air (mash-up)" a miss - as spending another 2.5hrs on a reasonably challenging session was likely to finish me off as I had to fit in the ‘I just want to ride’ session the following day for the Step Up challenge.
This week has been a week off’ and I am seeking advice from those out there as to whether doing the session I missed tomorrow - will compromise the 12 week program.
I will also have to fit in Cadence Builds as well but as tomorrow is a holiday where I am living I figure I will have time to recover.
I am likely to do it in any case unless someone seriously advises against.
Yours in suffering!

Hey @jaytee2108 ,
Don’t try and make up missed workouts, Besides you more than made up for it with the Step up challenge. Enjoy the rest of your recovery week. Keep up the good work.



Thanks for your advice and support.
Needless to say I heeded it and all guilt evaporated. Back into Week 5 so plenty of time to punish myself over next few weeks!

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