One for the coaches - winter training, All Purpose Road or Transition?!

Hi coaches,

So from next week, I will start my 27 week training plan in preparation for the Etape 2021.

My strategy is start winter training 4th January (phase 1) roughly 12 weeks & get in shape for the local spring time events, phase 2 will consist of a Sufferfest specific tailored 12 week training plan in preparation for the big event in July. I have 3 weeks float & that will allow for any issues that may arise in during my preparation.

So my question is regarding phase 1 of the training. I am not sure whether I do the 12 week all purpose road or transition up plan (6 weeks) & then followed by a series of other smaller durations plans, for example, building blocks or power builder?

Ideally I would do transition up & followed by all purpose road but I wouldn’t fit that in before I start specific training for my event.

I haven’t ‘trained’ as such over the winter but have kept myself fairly active with a couple of off bike strength sessions & also completed at least a 100 miles on bike miles so although I don’t class this as training, I am definitely not a couch potato!!

I would really appreciate your thoughts & feedback!!

Many thanks



Can any coaches advise on my post above?!

Hey and Happy new Year! Apologies we didn’t get back to you sooner!

It sounds like you are ready to charge into 2021 in regards to your training!
I would say the All Purpose road plan is a sensible place to start for the first 12 weeks. As you have been riding and keeping active over the past few months you should be okay to dive right in and I recommend putting in the add-ons if your training schedule allows?

Alternatively if you would like to do the 6 week transition up plan, you could follow that up with the 6 week power builder plan from the special focus tab.

I hope this helps, feel free to reach out or email me at if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

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Thank Coach Rupert!

That’s great advise and appreciated! I did Full Frontal Test yesterday, not pleasant and didn’t hit my targets but have now commenced All Purpose Road and hopefully we will see some decent gains over the coming weeks.

I will be in touch in due course via emai, especially regarding a rider specifc custom plan i will require for later in the year.


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