Last Year's Fitness Kickstarter program, Recovery and Outdoor rides

Hi coaches and minions

Just wondering whether it’d be possible to have the Fitness Kickstarter plan from early last year back please as another Fitness Kickstarter option. I enjoyed it so much I want to do it again. I’ve not enjoyed the new one so much tbh.

Secondly, would it be possible to have a few different one week "Recovery Block"s to allow us to move plans about and to ensure we get good recovery.

Finally, I love the plans but, for me, the issue I struggle with is that I want to build my outdoor rides into the plans. Is there a way of allowing us to set up plans that, for example, allow me to slot in a four hour ride on a Saturday and Wednesday and which build around these?

Hope that’s not too much to ask. None of the above is a criticism as I have dropped a stone doing SUF in the past year and a half and am so much fitter and stronger.

Happy suffering all.

Yes, I would love a one or two week recovery plan. The transition up and down plans are too long. Just need a recovery plan with the option to make it 1 week or 2. That would be awesome.

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Are you referring to what is now called “Couch to Crusher” under the Road plans?