12 week update after finishing "All purpose road advanced"- What next?

Hi all,

After 12 weeks of serious devotion and not missing any workout, managing at the same time the challenges of parenting, here are my updated results (screenshot). From an all-rounder profile I became now a climber, profile which in my opinion suits me better as I enjoy climbing, being a relatively lightweight guy (66kg). The gains have been remarkable in my opinion, as I have had regular 5 to 6 hours of sleep during the nights (having a 1 year old toddler) and having to manage the daily work chores. In average I have had aprox. 7%gains in all fields of the 4DP test. My weakness seems still to be VO2. First time I did the all purpose road plan, however I would like now to spice it and try a different one. Nevertheless, there is no clear description of which plan suits better to which weakness. Any suggestions on what plan should I try now to lift my VO2 ceiling, and therefore my FTP along with it?


George, a sufferlandrian by all means :slight_smile:


Nice work! Especially in the absence of sleep.

Have you checked out the Speed Demon plan? It’s only 4 weeks, but it might be worth a look. I think the training stress is similar to the advanced road plan, but I haven’t completed Speed Demon myself.

Well done! Managing life and training is no joke for sure!

I think that no matter what plan you pick it’s designed to help build in the areas that the program deems a weak spot. My last FF said I needed work on FTP and I feel like the all purpose road plan I am almost done with has been very FTP centric. Perhaps that’s just the plan though?

Maybe we could get somebody like @Coach.Mac.C or @Coach.Neal.H to give a little insight as to how FF results impact training plans?

Hi there sufferlandrians,

Thanks for your insights, I really appreciate it. I will probably choose one of the shorter specialty plans (4week), if it´s true and any plan I select will be molded to my 4DP profile, therefore I guess targeting my weaknesses. The only downisde of the 4week plans from what I saw is that they offer only inside workouts. I guess I will then go with the intermediate level, and add 2 more outside rides at the weekends.

Of course I would love to get more insight from others as well.

Cheers and ride safe,


Great numbers George!! Very impressive! How did this go for you? I normally get in a few weeks of effort (now a 4 week block) plus a 12 week program, each winter - and when it gets nice out I switch to 100% outside instead of weekends only. So, I’ve never done back-to-back programs.

If you are specifically targeting VO2, then how about a 4 week MAP block? Then move onto another 12 week plan for a more balanced effort again.

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Hi guys,

Thanks a lot. In the meantime I have been doing a 12week Plan from TrainerRoad( SweetSpot Base)and now started the Crit Plan in Sufferfest. This is the first week. In the meantime my FTP dropped to 245W for the same weight ( I did the FullFrontal on Tuesday) but I have high hopes when the plan comes to an end. The Crit plan involves more MAP and anaerobic workouts, so I hope in this way I can lift the ceiling and raise along the way the FTP.



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