Completed 12 Week program, what now?

I completed my 12 week (All-Purpose Road). When I first took the 4DP test it categorized me as a sprinter. At the end of the 12 weeks, I am now a Pursuiter.

I’m happy with the results, however, it leaves me wondering what is next?

I feel that I perform better with a more regimented riding plan.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Do you have any personal cycling goals to accomplish?

You might want to look into the Mental Training Program, especially The Goal Setting Habit section.

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The Tour of Sufferlandria!

Then after that… pick a plan that aligns with your goals. No goals or just ride? Pick a plan that might not normally pick.

Solid advice!

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Good question! I need to think on this a bit.
I want to increase my FTP, maybe look at the selection for that. And train using those more often, while not forgetting about my strengths.

Thank you!

I was thinking of the Tour.

Not gonna lie, it intimidates me!!!

I have the site up now…

What was your weakness in the FF?

My FTP and MAP, 180 and 241 respectively.

My FTP increased 20 points while my MAP increased 33.

The FF should have identified a primary strength and weakness in addition to reporting your numbers.

Weakness are things such as sustained efforts, or repeated efforts, VO2 Max.

Sustained efforts is my weakness… Listed 4 programs to help. Going to ride The Wretched tonight…

That is my weakness as well from my last FF.

I did not find any training programs that incorporated those workouts, although I did not do an exhaustive search.

I plan on doing The Wretched next week.

That workout is appropriately named!!!

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I just finished The Wretched. The last 10 minutes before the cool down is really hard.