SRAM Red 12-speed recommendation

Just got myself an S-Works Aethos with SRAM AXS Red 12-speed groupset (10-33 cassette). Then found to my horror that it wouldn’t work with my Gen 3 Kickr - after 3 trips to the local wahoo distributor (Entro in Singapore), grinding on the thru-axel adapter, and buying a new thru axel adapter that was supposed to only be for Gen 4 kickrs and newer.

Now, I’m given up n am ready to just buy a new kickr, BUT want to make sure it’s going to work straight out of the box. I know it’s a 11-speed shimano cassette that comes standard, but I already bought an additional 12-speed shimano 11-34 cassette that was supposed to be put on the Gen 3. Just take off the 11-speed, swop on the 12-speed, right? Do I need to swop the freehub too??

Any recommendations on which kickr to get for the least grief? Move? Gen 6?
Any gremlins to look out for? (Sorry if this has been answered somewhere, but Google hasn’t turned up much after days of searching.)

Sram Red 12sp uses flat top chains which have a bigger roller diameter than Shimano 12sp. It won’t shift nice on a shimano 12sp cassette. You’ll need to stick to SRAM drivetrain components

a SRAM freehub body for your Kickr
XDR/XD Freehub Body for KICKR & KICKR CORE | Wahoo Fitness UK
and a SRAM 12sp cassette


Yep. You can’t, per both manufacturers, use a Shimano 12 speed cassette with SRAM AXS. The cogs are too wide and they aren’t deep enough to retain the flat top chain. You would either have to swap chains or mount a AXS cassette using an XDR hub.