4DP after a 4 week training block

It seems like the last week of the 4 week FTP block session is pretty moderate-to-easy. Any tips on further prep for 4DP? I shouldn’t need a whole week. I almost think the typical 1 day of rest and 1 day of primers might be too much taper after that easy week.

Hello? Bueller?

So, I just did Thin Air. The next week (last week of the 4 week block plan) looks very easy. So, I’d like to:

  1. Get in a little easy jogging on days when I am scheduled to ride, early in the week
  2. Honor the rest days
  3. After the week is up: 1 day rest, 1 day primers, then FF test.


I think I remember reading somewhere that the last week of all (most? some?) of the plans was a lighter-than-usual week after the previous harder weeks. When I did the 4-week FTP block I did the 3 work weeks and then started the 4DP prep plan so it overlapped that 4th (recovery) FTP week. Worked out fine for me.

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