Ramp Test FTP and MAP lower than FF

Did the ramp test today eight weeks into AP road plan after FF at the start, FTP dropped from 240 to 236 and MAP 290 to 281. I’ve done the plan 90+%, my question is could it be because I’m 57 and the plan is 4 week blocks and I’m not recovering enough?
Thanks in advance

Hi @sbrault ,

My take on the differences would be that they are relatively small at less than 2% and 3% respectively and I don’t believe that one can truly correlate values from two separate tests e.g. apples to oranges.

In addition, there are tolerances for power meters. If I recall, the Powertap pedals that I have spec with a +/-1.5%

I always try to perform the same test with the same conditions, at least as close as I can, especially paying attention to the week up to the test.

I also don’t take the results as etched in stone. For FTP tests my mantra is…

Measure with a laser,
Mark it with a crayon,
And then cut it with an axe.

The short of my opinion is not to worry about the very small difference and keep after it.


Hi there. There are sooo many factors affecting every one of these FF workouts.
Unless we run it on ERG we’re not going to see exactly the same numbers each time but you’ve got as close as possible there as Rik says.

Re your recovery thing. You could always try a full taper week after a 3 week block next time you choose to do this for sure. Change one thing at a time and all that. Unfortunately the only true way to work out how you will get the best outcomes is to start doing a bit of trial and error to see what works for you.

How did the 4DP prep week go before you did the 4DP? Did you follow the 4DP prep week plan or similar? Extra fatigue in to a 4DP can be a factor if not (but as Rik said - as long as you repeat 4DP in a consistent way each time then you’ll have comparable numbers).