Four day vacation before FF?

I am going to be on holiday (with no cycling) for four days after coming to the end of my current FTP block. The plan ends on a Sunday, then I am away until the Thursday. I would like to do FF the following Sunday before starting a new plan.

How would I best approach this?

I know I will do Primers on Saturday then FF on Sunday, but what about the Thursday/Friday after my vacation?

Alternatively, would it be best to do HM after my vacation and then the FF prep week? (So to have some numbers to use for FF).


Hey Dewi, are you going to be active during your days away from the bike with walking/jogging etc?

I recommend when you get back to do
Thursday: Cadence Builds
Friday: Taper Efforts
Saturday: Primers
Sunday: FF

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Hi @Coach.Rupert.H thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I will be on vacation in London, so I expect to be doing lots of walking!

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@Coach.Rupert.H One more question: would you recommend doing a HM test at the end of the recovery week before my vacation? To give me updated numbers before FF? Thanks

If you are just having 1 week off I would say leave it as it is and focus on FF :slight_smile:

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