4DP on Last Week of Training Plan

Starting the Half Distance Triathlon training plan in preparation for the 70.3 Boulder. Looking through the plan I notice that the plan includes the Full Frontal fitness test just a few days before the race. This is concerning to me as if I go all out will I have anything left for the race just a few days later? Isn’t the race enough of a fitness test or is this included to give a motivation boost? I guess my questions is 1) what is the point of this so close to the race day and 2) If I choose to not perform the fitness test what would you suggest I switch out in it’s place.

I would say the race itself should replace FF in this instance.

I think that some of the Tri plans are “out of season”, culminating in FF at the end. Did you include strength (or pick a plan that could have included strength) ?

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Hey Philip,
Sorry about that, the 4DP testing should not be there if you are prepping for an event! Did you load the plan with strength? The without strength version is setup for race day and then you can add strength from the cross training section.
I hope the training goes well!

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The plan I chose did include strength training. Made that adjustment and my taper week looks a lot better. Thank you!

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