Advice on Plan Sequence for Tri Training

Hello fellow travelers,
I am new to structured plans for Tri. My “A” event is in August with a couple easy events before then. My current schedule looks as follows:

Multisport Transition ramp up - 6wks
Fitness Kickstarter - 10wks
All in Tri/Multisport - 4wks
Pre-Tri Plan Test - 1wk
Sprint Tri Intermediate - 12wks

That all fits in exactly to end on race day. Thoughts on volume, sequence, points I missed or got wrong?

Thanks in advance.

What would you consider to be your weakest triathlon discipline? I would suggest focussing on that in the near future (maybe after the 6 week ramp up).

If it turns out to be cycling, I would day you have a pretty good map already. Are you including Strength, Yoga and Mental training in the overall plan?

Definitely swim! But no access to pools for a while yet so I am subbing in swim strength workouts for the actual swim sessions.

Yes, I have yoga, strength and mental added in.

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What is your goal for your A race? Do you have a target time or something similar?

Well I am listening to the mental training program and he said aim high. So my bike goal is an avg speed of 20MPH (PB is 17.2) and my run goal is 25’ 5k (PB is 27’). swim goal is simple, finish.

My bike goal may be unrealistic but I haven’t trained or ridden with focus much so worth a shot.

If your bike goal is a big step up then I think your training plan looks good. Go for it and good luck!

Are you sure about the Fitness Kickstarter? If you think you’ve already got some base fitness or think it might not take more than the Multisport Transition plan to get back to a decent level of fitness, I’d consider the repeating the Multisport All-in plan a couple of times instead. The relative emphasis on strength in this plan is a great way to prepare you for your later plans and winter is a great time to do this, too, not to mention that all the strength will help prepare you better for a return to the pool.

Just an alternative to consider. Good luck.

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jfc, thanks for the advice. I didn’t want to burn out so I thought the kickstarter would ease a bit before going hard again. I’m not sure if that is sound logic though. I also considered switching the kickstarter and the ramp up plans but it is a bit hard to tell the relative intensity just by scanning the planned workouts.