First Training Plan - what about test?


I’m about to start my first Sufferfest program but I was wondering about performing a test. I thought that prior to the plan I would do the Full Frontal test (with the Prep Plan) but after checking the chosen training plan, the second day would be the Half Monty. Does this make sense to go through the Full Frontal and then again with Half Monty? Or maybe after performing the FF test, Half Monty will be changed automatically (or by hand) in the training schedule to something different? If not, will the rest of the plan be based on the FF or HM test?

Hope anyone can cast some light and give advice on what to do.


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Are you doing the Full Frontal Prep Plan? That is the way I started and I would recommend proceeding in that fashion. I did Half Monty at the midpoint of my 1st plan…

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Yes, I want to start with the Full Frontal Prep Plan followed of course by the Full Frontal test. After that I’m planing to start All In For Cyclist 4 week plan which has the Half Monty on the second day. Concidering that I have the FF test done, I kind of do not see point in doing another test just 2 days after which might (need your confirmation) judge the following level of all trainings in the plan.

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Ok - got it. That is strange to have two tests back to back. You might want to skip HM then and do it later in the plan. I haven’t done the All-In plan (I am on the MTB plan) so wasn’t aware of how it is structured. You may want to reach out to the minions for a more detailed response. Good luck!

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Thanks so much!

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Hey @piomic,
The Fitness Kickstarter Plans have Half Monty in the first week so as not to throw you in the deep end with Full Frontal right away. Then at the end of the plan, you’ll do a proper Full Frontal.


Hi Piotr @piomic

You can’t go wrong here with either way you play this … as all plans are ‘distinct’ separate plans there will sometimes be times you want to tweak things and you’ve found tone right here - as coach says … this is often used as a starter plan assuming people don’t want/won’t fleet as much benefit from 4DP
(And sorry I don’t have any knowledge of your cycling background here so pls take in spirit intended … )

  1. If you’re confident with going for a 4DP week … for various reasons … you might have background in indoor training and be pretty aware of your power numbers and therefore be able to pace the 5 and 20 minute sections well … then go for it but just don’t do Half Monty at the start of your second plan.

  2. If indoor training or training with power is brand new to you then you might choose to do a week of training (like the 4DP plan but not do the test as it will be harder to pace it after just a week) then you could just do some workouts … get used to the platform and then hit that plan that has half Monty at the start (if half Monty had existed when I started on indoor training I’d be doing this)

  3. You could just launch straight in to that plan straight off.

With no experience of indoor numbers then Half Monty will set you up with sensible numbers to work with for your first plan.

With loads of experience and you just want to check your numbers are right before doing your first plan … do the FF/4DP week



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Thank you for your reply. I’m an amateur cycling and got into indoor training exactly one year ago, as a way to lose weight – main purpose of ‘suffering’. At first try with an FTP test I got 190W. After about 7 months and a 3-month training program I’ve found on the Internet, I got to 280W and managed to reduce my weight. Now, after 2 months off from proper training (just casual riding) I want to get back and suffer some more :smiley: I’d like to give it a shot with The Sufferfest as it seams as an all-in-one package and now I’m wondering where to start.
I think, I’m a little capable of pacing myself in a test and I was thinking of doing it up front (after the prep week) just from curiosity. Before I had only plain old FTP tests.