4DP settings dialing up or down?

Hello all,

First of all I’ve been with the Sufferfest for about a year now, so fairly new to structured training. (Keeping in mind I do it for fun, and I do not race)
I’ve encountered somewhat of a dilemma. Right before the TOS prep plan I did a full frontal which saw some “big” increase in numbers. Which did kind of surprise me since it had only been 3 weeks after HM with no gains. During the TOS prep plan on new numbers I was unable to finish any workout , well I never quit, but mostly by the end I could not keep my power numbers and always entered the erg spiral of death. Also during the recovery workouts my HR was always above the suggested zone.(which before was fairly accurate).So I was already sceptic about starting TOS on these number. And so TOS started and I had to dial down joyride, and had to revert to level mode on the last part of cobbler and halfway through 9 hammers. And stayed way below target on both. So I figured I revert to the numbers I had on HM a few weeks before my last FF. Then came Fight club, and to my big surprise I ended up increasing the targets by 5% for the last 2 intervals. And this felt just about how it should feel, barely keeping on ,screaming & shouting. But then again I do feel like cheating now. So I’m looking for some advice as to what should be my best option. Increasing intensity on my lower numbers, or trying to dial down my latest numbers when I feel I can’t keep up.(which I admittedly suck at, because I tend to just go full out and crash and burn without anything left to give) I am on nuclear btw, I could switch to focused or get me through it, but then I do feel as if my 4dp numbers are not accurate if I need to dial down things in order to complete them.

It sounds like there’s a bit of a grey area where your ‘true’ numbers may lie with respect to FM and 4DP, and you seem to be struggling to finish at those new numbers, perhaps select the Balanced, or even the JGMTI option for the remainder of the Tour, and go from there

This should be about fitness and enjoyment, and it’s better to finish the TOS than destroy yourself early on and not finish

Do the Post Tour Plan which includes 4DP at the end and see how you go

Just remember, this is a journey not a destination :wink:

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After playing around a little bit I may have found what is causing the difference. As I do not always calibrate my trainer, but keep tire pressure constant it seems my floor pump pressure gauge reads about +15 psi to my digital pressure gauge. I had never noticed this before, so maybe it’s due to the cold weather we’re having, or it’s just broken. But today’s workouts felt the way they should have. So I’ll just use the digital gauge for now. Thanks for your wise words :wink:.


Great to hear that you found the ‘glitch’ :+1: