Newbie Numbers Query


Newbie here and I would like some advice.

I did a 4DP test at the start and for the following numbers:
FTP: 143, MAP: 176, AC 255, NM 552.My LTHR is 158 BPM.

I started another training plan last week and today I did “A Very Dark Place”. I stopped 2/3 of the way through because I didn’t feel the workout was right. My Average watts was at 70, my heart rate average was 116. It just felt to easy? The “rest” sections of the video had a higher watt target than the intervals (although slight lower cadence). Other workouts in the training plan are also easy, so my gut is telling me it’s just the 4DP numbers. (Another example, I did GOAT the other day and average watt of 108, HR of 115).

When I did my 4DP, I found it very dificult - I’m not sure I’d be able to get that much more out of it. Have I got something wrong?

I use ERG mode for everything so I don’t have to change resistance of gears. Could that be my issue?

I’m planning on doing a half monty tomorrow to see how my results compare, but any tips in advance would be welcome.

Many thanks,



Hi, Felix.

Welcome to Sufferlandria!

It sounds like you had a workout with reduced targets. When you look at your calendar in the App, does it show reduced percentages for the different metrics? Considering your comment on the recovery segments being harder, it sounds like that was the case.

If some of the other workouts this week include a recovery spin or cadence builds, that’s another indicator of this being a recovery week.

I hope that helps.


Hi Renzo,

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

When I open the calendar and select the workout, it says the 4DP used are the same I listed above, i.e. NM: 552, AC:255, MAP: 176 AND FTP: 143.

This is exercise 4 in the fitness kick-starter so I’d be surprised if it was a recovery week. In repsonse to your question, there aren’t any recovery spins or caden builds in the week. My next one is Butter, followed by The Way Out. When IO open Butter from the calendar, I can’t see anything which tells me it’s at a reduced percentage.

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That’s curious! Perhaps an email to the Minions would be best. They might be able to figure out why that happened.


Hello Felix,

Welcome to the Sufferfest.

David McQuillen already gave a reply to somebody with a pretty silimar question:

My recommendation would be to stick with your plan and trust the system for a few more weeks. The intensity will ramp up.

Otherwise Renzo is right and you should contact the Sufferfest support (minions). That’s the quickest way to get professional help:


I’m sure we will figure it out together.

If you want more information about reduced intensity workouts, here is an article:

Which training plan are you following now?


OK great thank you. I’ll do the half monty tomorrow to see if my numbers adjust and continue with the plan.

Current plan is Fitness Kick-Starter and only a couple of days in, but just thought it would be a little harder :slight_smile:

Thanks for both your responses. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Many thanks,



Fitness Kickstarter:


To gain cycling fitness after taking an extended period of time off the bike, or for those who have limited cycling experience


Those with 4-5 hours per week available to train


2 weeks on, 1 week off


Full Frontal (Fitness Test)

I think this plan is really easing you into the workouts. From a quick look through, most workouts for the first several weeks load with reduced intensity.


Hey Felix,

Firstly well done on completing Full Frontal!

It can take a few times to master the pacing of the workout as 20mins of the back of 5mins is northing short of evil :smiling_imp: (We do offer some advice on here: How to Get the most out of Full Frontal)

Half Monty should be useful for you to tweak those numbers, let us know how you get on :+1:


It was definitely reduced intensity workout at the end of 1st week.
I just open the Kickstarter plan for a quick look at it - see the pics pls.

And as I remember for workouts that are done SUF always list original 4DP numbers in the calendar with no info about reducing them.


@Felix I hope you are doing ok! Some great advice here from the crew about the issue you’re having! I just want to add that we are always willing to help if you have any questions. Just email is at! Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you’re unsure about your numbers, your setup, or anything else!


I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem with your numbers, but as @Pierre pointed out, the plan is designed for people with little experience or returning after an extended period off the bike. The reduced workouts will be initially getting you used to being on the bike again, rather than battering you over and over again - as it says in Team Scream, “the pain will come”. Good luck!


Emailing with The Minions is a delight! Best customer service, ever.

They really care about getting you back to proper Suffering ASAP. :sunglasses:


Hi all,

Thanks for the responses and information above. I thought I would come back and let you know how I got on and help others if they have the same issue.

From the original post (21st September), I continued with the plan for a couple of weeks, however I manually increased my FTP by 10 and did workouts at 105%. This did not give me a noticeable difference in the difficulty. I then had a break of 2-3 weeks due to personal circumstances but came back and decided to do a Half Monty (Ramp Test). I will add a caveat and say I was on a slightly different bike different bike, but I doubt it make too much of a difference.

To re-cap my results before from the Full Frontal

FTP: 143, MAP: 176, AC 255, NM 552.My LTHR is 158 BPM

The results after Half Monty (Ramp Test)

FTP: 170, MAP: 223. LTHR is 170 BPM.

Using the new numbers, the workouts are much more appropriate, certainly more difficult, but fantastically achievable and full of suffering.

My conclusion is that my FTP was originally low. Probably a mix of not being able to pace the Full Frontal properly and inefficient pedalling because I am a beginner. As an out of shape but experienced sportsman (except for cycling!), I went straight for the hardest test… in hindsight that was the wrong thing to do. The Half Monty (Ramp Test) gave me a more appropriate level to work from and the workouts are now spot on.

My advice: Do the Half Monty (Ramp Test) first and save the Full Frontal until you have got more experience.

Thanks again all for the help.