Switching plans mid course?

I just finished up week 8 (rest week) of the advanced all-purpose road. I did the Full Monty on Friday and saw some decent gains on MAP and FTP since my last test. I’m now looking forward to the Tour of Sufferfest and am wondering if it made sense to switch to the Prep Plan to gear up for the Tour or just to finish my current plan (ends on Jan 31).

I’m guessing it makes sense to stay on the current plan, but with fresh numbers, feeling rested, and the prep plan starting tomorrow, maybe it could work just fine. Thanks for any insight/input!

I think either option is fine. Personally, I’m switching from the All Purpose Road plan (just finished Week 4) to the ToS Prep Plan tomorrow.


Thanks for your feedback. I’m gonna stay on plan, just to see it through. Gearing up for Team Scream for the first time tonight. Much appreciated

No problem. Enjoy Team Scream! It’s a fun, super-immersive session.

You seem to already have chosen to stay with your plan. That‘s solid and I believe it will deliver a perfect preparation before TOS. Just go easy after the 31st.

Counter argument: Stop thinking about gains and numbers and skipped workouts for a moment and ask yourself „what would you have more fun doing, right now?“.

I enjoy the comradery of knowing others are going through the same prep (plan) as me before TOS and like that choosing a different plan gives me more variation in my workouts opposed to doing APR plans back to back to back.

When in doubt I always choose fun before gains.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your suffering and we‘ll see you at TOS. :slight_smile:

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