4DP Test and Garmin


Quick question: My Garmin auto detected my FTP prior FF (216W) and after the FF it said 220W. I was kinda happy until I saw SF setting my FTP to 195W. Interestingly, my MAP was really high so it got auto-detected because the MAP was more than 142% of my ftp.

Is this “142% thing” proof that i paced the 20min effort wrong? It certainly felt like so… My stomach cramped up and my heart rate was somewhere in the mid 150’s and i felt like “recovering” a bit from the 5 min effort tho lol.

Should I increase the FTP manually? I planed to do the HM Test but since I’m a Attacker according to my 4DP and my MAP got auto-decreased, I think a HM Test would overestimate my FTP, no?

To be honest, this is a real ego-thing… FTP below 200W I mean come on :frowning:

SUF suggests to not change the 4DP but the 25W difference is depressing!!!

I hope u guys can help a bit.


Was this your first FF? It can take several goes to get the pacing right, or even get used to that feeling of starting the 20 min test after burying yourself for 5 mins first (first time I tried I bailed when the 20 min test started).

I’d give HM a go and see what it says, you can always use that as a guide to pace your next FF - have you seen the HM/FF double plan?

My profile is also attacker, but for me HM and FF give really consistent results (by coincidence, I just did HM again today!)

Yes, it was! Like I mentioned, I think the fact that SF decreased my MAP because it was higher than 142% of my ftp ist proof for my bad timing for the 20 min effort…

I changed the numbers to the ones Garmin detected (5min 285, FTP 220) because I think that’s accurate. The 5 min effort at least is accurate because SF decreased it lol.

I‘m going to do the HM in the next few days and the next FF in about 8 weeks because i started a 6 week plan!

Hey @ChimpyNut, I’d recommend reaching out to the minions for some help with this. They will be able to look into your data a bit deeper from their end.