70/80km with 2000m elevation

Hello Sufferlandrians!!

As usual, hope you suffer well!

I need you suffort/help with regards to TRAINING PLAN.

I am looking for a 12 week plan to prepare for 70/80km rides with elevation of around 2000m. Most uphills are rather short ones around 2-3km and average elevation of around 10%.

I’ve been considering the following plans:

  • metric century - moderate, as high intensity is not available
  • criterium - high intensity
  • combination of three week plans concentraiting on MAP

I see that you are well versed with regards to training so I would really appreciate your Support!
Fyi - it was my third season on the bike, just starting second on the trainer.

Thank you for your time!!
Suffer well!

The Hilly Grand Fondo plan seems to fit the bill nicely.


Second this. It used to be called the Mountainous GF plan for a reason.


The GF plan might be a bit much for volume, but not sure what a suitable replacement would be.

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There is both a low and a medium volume option available now. Back in SUF days, it was high volume only:


Good point. That would be just about perfect for the OP’s goal!


N+1 for whomever has already answered Hilly Gran Fondo Plan! I can tell you it helps, I did a Grand Fondo earlier this year with a couple of climbs that were 5.8km @ 6.4% avg with 390m of elevation gain and 5.3km @ 6.5% avg with 345m elevation gain plus several other smaller climbs that were on the route as well. I don’t know if I would have made it without this training plan. Also IMHO and just for me the Hilly Gran Fondo plan is the best continous 12 week MAP workout plan there is. I saw and felt significant gains in my MAP and FTP.


@Wojciech – I agree with the group consensus, Hilly Grand Fondo would be an excellent choice! Happy training, and keep us posted on your progression.