Training plan for Triple Bypass 2021 covering 110 miles/10,500ft

First of all, I just wanted to say that I’ve been a loyal Sufferlandrian for about 4 years now, and I just completed my first Tour of Sufferlandria! I’m eager to focus on training this year, and this is the first time I’ll do any structured training. Got myself signed up for the Triple Bypass ride in Colorado which is about 20 weeks away, and it’ll go over 110 miles with 10,500 ft of climbing.

I wonder which training plans folks would considered for this target event. It doesn’t quite fit the described goals of any pre-constructed training plan, although it seems like the 12 week Hilly Gran Fondo plan fits the closest. In any case, with 20 weeks to go, I want to begin training already anyway.

If any other Sufferlandrians out there also have their sights set on the Triple Bypass, it’ll be fun to compare training notes! FWIW, my 4DP test results from last month are 13.74 | 6.28 | 3.81 | 3.16 W/kg


I had a similar sense as you express some time back when I posted a question along the same lines - except, of course, it was about my doing a different event (Mt Washington Hillclimb).
Basically, wondering what plan best approximates the demands of the event. And having some certainty that you’re not training ‘off-course’.
For me, I got some good replies but no one said much addressing the plan selection. Given little input in that I had to gather as much confidence I could and make the best guess possible - it seemed to me like the "Volcano’ plan was the best fit. Likewise, if you feel the 12week Hilly Gran Fondo is best fit among the list then I’d say what else is there to do?

Hey @explorien ,
The Mountainous Gran Fondo plan is a good choice. Prior to that take a look at the shorter special focus plans.


Well I have done this ride before in 2016 and trained for the double triple in 2017. Lucky for me I live here in Colorado so I could actually ride all the segments at altitude. Depending on where you live you have a couple things to be ready for.

  1. How fast you will ride avg wise looking at 8+ hours on the bike.
  2. Altitude affects everyone differently so I dont know if you have ever been here to ride.
  3. The weather can change on a dime so be prepared for just about anything.
    If you get out here early maybe we can ride. I am training for Ride the Rockies mid just a 6 day tour with plenty of climbing.

@GJStache53, thanks for the info! I’m based in New Mexico at about 5,400ft elevation. The only ride I’ve ridden in Colorado so far is Iron Horse, and that was a lot of fun. We have the Sandia Crest climb (PJAMM info here) which I’m planning to use for training. Trying to figure out how to train for more climbing at altitude, because I think that’s pretty taxing.

Although I doubt I’ll come out early before the Triple Bypass, I appreciate the offer to ride! Enjoy Ride the Rockies. I was considering that too this year, but had my fingers crossed for Bicycle Rides Northwest’s Montana tour.

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@trainingwheels what at a glorious ride (Mt Washington Hillclimb). Those grades are steep!

Thanks for the Volcano plan suggestion. I hadn’t considered that at all, and you gave me the idea to do the Volcano then the Gran Fondo plans back to back.

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@Coach.Spencer.R Appreciate the suggestion!

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Sounds like you have an idea of what to do and you will do well. Maybe you can use the Sandia Crest Climb for some high altitude repeats. Ride to the top, drop down part way and back up staying at altitude. Best of luck and if you end up out here early ring me up.

I’m doing the triple bypass as well this year, and I also chose the 12 week hilly gran fondo plan. I started 16 weeks out, so after next week’s “easy” week I plan to re-take full frontal (SO not looking forward to that), and then re-do the last 4 weeks of the plan with my new numbers and adding an hour to each of the long rides.

I live in SW Florida so I figured adding mileage in the heat as long as I feel good is pretty much the only way I can prepare for the climbs and altitude. Did the 4:30 outdoor ride yesterday and felt great.

Good luck to you!

I hope your training is coming together, @Christine_S ! I ended up choosing and starting the Hilly Gran Fondo training a couple weeks later so that it would end on the Weekend of the Triple Bypass.

Boy, the Half Monty test halfway through the plan really made a couple workouts in the following two weeks pretty challenging. I had to scale back a couple to 85-95% of 4DP. That was brave of you to retake Full Frontal in the middle of it! It’d be fun to compare training notes.

Maybe I’ll see ya at the Triple! I’ll be sporting the new Sufferfest laser goats t-shirt at the finish. Hope to see other Sufferlandrians conquer this ride!

Thanks, @GJStache53 ! I ended up working up to doing a Sandia Crest climb repeat. I’ve gotta say it was more mentally challenging than I expected, on that second ascent. Thanks for the offer to ride before the event! Unfortunately I’m only in town for two days before the Triple, so I might just spin easy Thursday afternoon.