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Hi Team!

After some advice from all you wise Sages of Suffering …

I have stupidly signed up to an event local to me which I have realised is a lot closer than I thought … about 100 days away.

It’s a roughly 100km route with 1800m of elevation. No lengthy climbs … just incredibly rolling with 10 roughly 3 - 10 minute big ramps, all average around 8% with ramps up to 20%.

I did it last year and absolutely hated it as it was so hard - so in true Suff fashion I’m doing it again :skull_and_crossbones:.

So my question is: bang for my buck training in 100 days to get in better shape for this event.

Lots of long slow (dare I say zone 2 :wink:) rides with a load of FTP? MAP focus?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

For those in the U.K. the ride is called Hell of the Ashdown :smiling_imp:


How many hours a day, days a week do you have to train?

Hey @Matthew_Thomas ,
Look at the Mountain Fondo plan or the Metric Century plan. They’ll give you the mix of training you need to get to the finish line. Have the plan end on your race date (or the day after if it’s on a Saturday). Make sure you add strength training into the mix.



Love this


What aspect of your riding held you back last time? May be look at the Metric Century or Mountain Fondo plan and choose depending on which you feel will help you target that weakness. Good luck!

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Maybe 7 or 8 hours across 4 or 5 days?

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One of the plans @Coach.Spencer.R should fit within those times.


Or the hilly Grand Fondo plan with both Strength and Yoga! You’ll get some great results. The only reason I’m suggesting this is because of the gradient, not the length, of those climbs.

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It’s the same plan.

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Sure is. I’m confused with the plan wording.

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I can tell you from experience that the Mountainous Grand Fondo plan works great for that route! (strava link)

Is the registration still open? I may join you. It looks like great suffering for February.

Edit: The event is fully booked, but a week after there’s a Kentish Killer following pretty much the same route. So I’ve signed up for that one. Thanks for the reminder @Matthew_Thomas!


Do you think you suffered with the cold last time, that’ll certainly make it a lot less fun.
Did you have low enough gears for the hills or do you think you pushed too hard on the climbs and suffered after?
Or was it largely due to the length of time in the saddle?

Have fun and well done for getting out in February :muscle:


Wowsers, that ride… you are a monster on the bike! Chapeau!

Yep HOTA sold out in 7 days this year, Kentish Killer the week after looks cool though. Not often you get to start a ride on a race track!


Thank you for the points to think about - actually for February it was super sunny, just a tiny bit cold.

I actually think it was a mix of just not being well enough trained for that long on the bike both distance and time duration, and possibly a little bit psychological … by the last climb I pretty much felt beaten.

Lots to think about for February - get stuck into the mountain fondo plan and have a look at the mental training too.

Happy riding :+1:t2: