A Forgotten Classic?

With the significant development of Sufferfest over the last few years and new videos from Team Scream to the latest (already classic) Cobbler it can be easy to miss some of the classics.

While the video I’m referring to is relatively new compared to Downward Spiral or The Hunted or Revolver it is for me a moment when Sufferfest did two key things for me.

  1. It got really immersive. I could utterly lose myself in the video and really feel like I was in a race (and experience just how incredible sprinters and lead out teams are!!)

  2. I could keep going quite beyond what I really thought I was capable of. My HR would be as high as any other fest video and yet I could hang on for a few seconds more.

I think Cobbler was born out of this.

I am of course referring to the one where you drop ‘Jensie’.

The Rookie.

If you’ve not done it for a while. Go back to it. And remind yourself how bloody brilliant it is.

If you’ve not done it before. Go and flog yourself now!

If you want to do Cobbler but don’t have the time. Go and do it now (although it’s about 30rpm higher cadence)

I bloody love it!!

Any others have a particular favourite you’ve not done for a while?


It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time - haven’t done it in a while although it was one of the first I ever tried.

I’ll second that Team Scream is fantastic - I really felt like I was in a TTT and was not just staring at the targets and counting seconds. The race experience really came through!!


I hadn’t done “Do As You’re Told” in a while and forgot how much I enjoyed the whole story line. It crashed on me in the middle, so I need to do it, again. I also did Fight Club and Blender for the first time in a while and remembered how much I enjoy those, too.

On the opposite side, I’ve done the It Seemed Like Thin Air mash-up a few times and then thought, wow, I haven’t done ISLAGIATT or Thin Air by themselves in while. So I did them both and found that I actually like the mash-up better than the originals. shrug :man_shrugging:


For me, it’s Hell Hath No Fury. Great story line, great workout, time just flies for me when I’m doing this one.


I do proper like ISLAGIATT. great story


DAYT is one ive really not done much. Must try it again soon


HHNF. Something about that last TTT that takes you over and above!!!


I have to agree this is one of the great Sufferfest moments when the sun is shining, the music is perfect and the women are just hammering. No matter how tired I feel from the rest of the video, I never fail to hit my targets when that TTT comes up. Good choice!


Local Hero for me. So much stem chewing. Fastest 1:24 on a bike I’ve ever had.


We’ve got something insanely immersive coming in late January. If you liked Team Scream…


Oh my days!!! Some kind of GVA style tease telling us 2 1/2 months out!!!

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@David.McQuillen.KoS — Finally … VR that works? And SUF taking the lead … with some AI driving in ride commentary based on HR and Watts relative to history, all in a lightweight set of glasses or surround type kit that can be worn while riding …

I’m sooooo happy …

Ps. Better than Team Scream, which even with the even newer videos, is still my favourite (about the only one other than recovery ride I can complete as well lol)

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Uh oh, rollers plus VR could be a problem. I foresee some riding off the edge of the rollers coming…

I already have to be careful during the workouts with footage from on-bike cameras going through corners! :sweat_smile:


I really like Angels, the combination of the 8 minute efforts with the soundtrack and story, brill. And TINT also.


I did “The Rookie” for the first time last week during my Knighthood quest. I somehow saved it up to this point so I had a “new” video within the quest of ten back to back. I really enjoyed that one. It had a good sense of humour and really kept me going.
But from a more overall perspective I have to admit I really enjoy those workouts featuring The Col Collective and @michael.cotty . Just today I had “To Get to The Other Side”. These videos really keep me entertained during all the not so brutal intervals but the more sustained ones or grinders. Let’s face it: the sheer brutality of hard intervals keeps you distracted enough from just staring on a screen. Who really remembers what’s going on in “Violator” past the part with the classical opera? And do we Sufferlandriana really needs entertainment to flog ourselfs within MAP and AC efforts? The actual hard part in creating the SUF videos is to keep us entertained throughout the not so hard sessions, isn’t it.


But still in time for ToS…

A Very Dark Place.

My first Sufferfest and still a favorite. Riding along with Cancellara. A lot of the other suggestions here too, but another one no one mentioned.

The Hunted. Used to use this to practice longer climbs, which I feel is a major weakness for me these days.



:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m still all about Team Scream, and Cobbler because Paris-Roubaix. I recently enjoyed Butter very much.