Active development of sufferfest rides

I’ve been a subscriber for a few months now, finding the sufferfest rides brilliantly motivating for 3-4 workouts per week (in my 40s and never done any regular training before).

This morning I came to the realisation that I’m running out of sufferfest rides lasting 40-60 minutes, and I don’t find the other videos anywhere near as enjoyable.

I’ve seen lots of news about (and love for) Pro rides and “weeks with” but does anyone know if the team are planning to produce more proper sufferfest workouts? It would be sad if we’re stuck with what’s there for eternity!


That’s a question for the minions to answer. But ‘the Model’ is coming soon. That’s a new one.

In the meantime, may I suggest you follow one of the training plans and suffer through the non-sufferfest workouts that come up too? Following a plan gives a whole new dimension to the workouts, even the ones you’ve done before.


I’m hoping that the Sufferfest channel is still going to be expanded.

Looking at a longer ride that you may not have considered, Cobbler is pretty recent and can easily be split into three sessions of around 40 minutes each. e.g. the warmup, one of the three blocks plus the recovery from that block. or two x 1 hour’ish sessions “Cobbler Block 1 & 2”, “Cobbler Block 2 & 3”.

I don’t know if you’ve tried them yet, but for me Team Scream and Joyride never get old and happily take repeated rides as does the somewhat easier “Getting Away With It”


@Chris_Winfield Definitely check out the On Location rides. They are generally less than an hour and you can add music if you want but I find them great as formatted. Also the GCN videos have some on the road sections filmed from the bike. I wasn’t a big fan of those at first but have grown to appreciate them. They are also less than an hour and some of them are pretty tough. Most of the workouts are designed by Coach Neal.


+1 for the On Location rides. They are tough workouts but somehow just about doable


I take it you’ve not signed up for the Tour yet then…

Maybe that will help, both a new video, a few longer ones, a ProRide, as well as many old favourites.

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Another +1 for the On Location rides @Chris_Winfield. Sir Mike Cotty is an absolute gem and he regularly throws in a cheeky reference or two to Sufferlandria. He is a Knight after all.

Edit: I should add that I too would like more Sufferfest vids. 100%!!! Have you done Tapers (it used to be a No-Vid that regularly featured in training plans). The Model is coming up and it looks HORRIFIC! I think at best we would get just a couple new ones a year in the before times so if they keep that up, I’d be pretty happy especially considering the wealth of other content they’ve been adding too. I should also add that I’ve been a citizen of Sufferlandria since about 2015 and many of the Sufferfest vids I have ridden many times, some well over a dozen and they never get old.


…they never get old! And I find each time I add ‘fresh numbers’ that the workouts hit entirely different. But Yes, more SUF Videos!


Back when they were reducing the targets of the SUF vids (prior to the Inspiration series) I would see stuff I’d never even seen before.