Is Recharger the best Sufferfest soundtrack ever?

Hi Everyone,
Recharger … The perfect Combination between a quality workout and chill out music makes me feel good the whole day.
I have made a playlist in Spotify The Sufferfest -Recharger for those like me who can’t have a day without it.
Enjoy, Cheers


Thanks for the playlist - I’ve added it to my Spotify favourites.

You’re right about Recharger - it’s a brilliant workout and video. At the moment I’m trying not to use it too often because I want to keep it special - it would be terrible if I ended up bored with it.

I tried The Bat for the first time today, very different to recharger but again really good - doing the MTP exercises at the same time made the intervals seem so short. I’m planning on Team Scream on Wednesday, then hopefully Recharger and JoyRide later in the week - that will be my favourite videos in one week as a Christmas present to myself!

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Thanks for setting up this playlist, I listened to it today whilst doing Standing Starts and it is brillant some really good tunes on there

Recharger is a great video I have done it 10 times since it was released late last year and still find it motivating, interesting and engaging! So much better than just doing a recovery spin etc all the time.

Big thanks to @Coach.Suzie.S for designing it!


My favourite track is “Kiss me” by Adrian Key. Love that beat and ad-libs.

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Just doing recharger for the first time and it is indeed awesome - thanks for the playlist saved me from searching!!!

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Recharger, like so many of the newer works has a really good sound track. Most of the older videos’ song lists are spot on.

But in my opinion, Team Scream,* Fight Club (remastered) and Cobbler have the best sound tracks.

*edit thx @emacdoug


i’m a big fan of the techno parts of Revolver too

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I much prefer Tram Scream to Team Scream. Except the ending is different. :wink:

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