A Very Dark Place footage questions

I didn’t find this posted anywhere, and I figure someone may know these: During the beginning of the AVDP workout, who is the female cyclist that falls sideways while at speed? That is scary - I can’t tell what caused it but I hope she was ok (long distance laser goats?).

Easier question - the epic climbing battle during the last cycle - what was the race and year and/or who are the two riders?

I couldn’t make it through the 4th interval, but it’s my own fault for increasing the resistance on the first 3. I should have known better.

The last battle is Pierre Latour and Darwin Atapuma (a very cool name) at the 2016 Vuelta, Stage 20:


The same race used in Defender I think, with some Quintana heroics.


The fall you mention at the start, I see that every time I do this session and think that I must go back and see what happened. So thank you for bringing it up, I’ve finally done that. It looks to me that she loses balance for some reason but her front wheeel is overlapping the rider in front and to her credit takes the hit rather than bringing them down.

It doesn’t look pleasant but in the background it looks like she gets up pretty quickly. I don’t know who the rider is I’m afraid. These ladies are hard as nails so she was hopefully ok.

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This is my favourite part of all of (that was) Suf. Every time I do this workout I’m amazed how Latour comes back from being dead and buried.

The ultimate inspirational suffering.


Yeah it’s a pretty epic battle. And he still maaged to find the strength to sprint at the end! I love the clip after the finish - he’s in pieces on his handlebars but you can see just how much it meant to him.

I didn’t put AVDP in my top 3 in the other thread, but it’s a superb workout an serous bit of video-making to go with it. Anyone sceptical what SUF has to offer should be put in a dark room with this session.