AVDP later this week

This is one of my ones I tend to have to stop or dial down.

Wondering what I should,do.

Btw I a am also doing spring loaded challenge this week.
Mtp+ strength.

May I’ll tackle at 95%

@Stonechat Depending on the strength level / session, you could have additional fatigue that affects your ride so be aware of this.

On the plus side, the MTP program provides a great framework to help address areas where you want to improve. Try to envision where you feel you can’t push through further on AVDP and then start in with some positive coaching and change your focus. Even when you aren’t completely successful doing this, take the time to put in the post-workout notes how you really tested yourself and list a few things to try the next time you perform the workout.

Good luck!

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I am doing mtp to help with this sort of thing. I am strong at 5 minute efforts, but tend to find my recovery is not quick enough for the likes of avdp and 9 hammers. Other factor is I know if the cadence is too high on these efforts it’s a double whammy, as I have trained I have got better at grinding

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@Pierre Indeed.


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Done complete at 100%.

I did fudge the cadences a bit

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