Endurance+, riding at 55-70% FTP not so easy after over 3 hours

How “easy” should Endurance+ feel exactly? After that length of time, the difference between 55 and 65 feels bigger than maybe it ought to be. So maybe it was because I did a 3 hours of Increasing Tempo yesterday 30,20,10, 5 (which is a brilliant workout btw) but doing 4:45 of Endurance+ was a lot harder today than I thought it would be. I toggled between 60% and 65% of FTP using the NoVId workout but after 3 hours I found it getting harder and harder. Not HIIT harder, not Nine Hammers harder. Not any SUF vid harder. But, still hard. I did keep my HR at zone 2 but it was creeping up near the upper end of it. My legs are quite sore and going down stairs is “fun”.

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Hey Sir Glen,
Congrats on doing 30/20/10/5 then 4 hr 45 min endurance +
The intent of the combo is to have you do the endurance ride on tired legs. You should feel better after some recovery. Keep us posted on how you’re responding!


Thanks for the feedback Sir @Coach.Spencer.R ! That helps just knowing that was the intent. Cheers!

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Sir @Coach.Spencer.R, just to follow up on the plan (Mountainous Gran Fondo btw), yesterday was a day off and today was GOAT. Tough but totally doable. Still sore but that normal kind of workout sore. Tomorrow is GAWI at 1/2 the intensity. I’m at the tail end of this plan and am feeling pretty damn good all in all. Except for Tempo High Cadence 5X3 coming up near the end of this week, next week is taper and BOOM! Mt. SUF version 4 coming up.

Hey @Glen.Coutts,
Good to hear! Good luck on your Mt SUF! Crush it!!!

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