Access to controls during ride

How does one get back to the control (gear menu icon) during a ride. They disappear after a while and I seem to only get them back after hitting pause. I try to avoid that for obvious reasons.

I know I can change intensity with the keyboard, but what is the shortcut to bring the menu back to change, say the music volume etc.

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I just move the mouse to the corner of the screen and it appears.

As Heretic, I just move the mouse (desktop user here). I don’t believe there is a shortcut key to bring the menu back up. And if there was you’d need to navigate the menu and I don’t believe there are shortcut keys for that either.

As above, as soon as you move the mouse it appears.

And there was me thinking I was adding little to the conversation :rofl:

:rofl: Always!

I’ll try in my next ride, but I’ve tried moving the pointer over to that general area but the menu buttons do not appear. Maybe because I use a touchpad and not a mouse. Or I don’t move it close enough. Or maybe I bounce to much in the saddle and GvA is punishing me for my lack of stillness…

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GvA is always punishing us!!!

Some times this happens to me, in which case I click on the screen and then move the mouse (well, I use a touch pad from a wireless keyboard) and then it works.