ERG to LEVEL on the fly

Is there a quick way to switch erg to level and back again whilst still riding using an Android phone? Currently I have to pause the workout before the settings symbol will appear, go to levels, change what I want and then resume the ride, not very convenient especially if a few changes are needed. I have noticed in my searches on this that there are a few shortcut options for pc/laptop users but any shortcuts for phone users please?


Just a thought but what about a Bluetooth keyboard that controls the android?

I know there are folks that do this with their tablets. Not sure if the shortcuts are baked in to the android app though. If you can borrow one, it’d be worth testing.

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Edit 2: a quick search in the forums suggests this might not work. It seems the shortcuts were built for desktop apps. Maybe Sir can weigh in?

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That’s frustrating. On iOS, you sometimes have to tap around on the screen a few times to get the gear icon to appear, but you don’t have to pause.

Thanks, I wil try that and see if it works for me. Cheers

On iOS, iPad and iPhone you can use a Bluetooth keyboard and use the shortcuts. ESC key for Erg dnd numbers for levels.


Not got room for a key board, cheers

Oh man. Ok. I’m out of options/suggestions so it’s about this time that I suggest a new bike :joy::joy::joy:

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On my Android (11) device, tapping the screen makes the settings icon appear. I can then bring up the menu and change settings whilst the workout still runs.

I don’t know if that varies by device.

I agree though that it’s not as convient as the hotkeys I use in Windows.


Thanks, will try it on my next workout in the morning cheers

Thanks it works! cheers