Keyboard shortcut issue

Having an issue with my windows laptop using shortcuts, namely going back to ERG from level mode. These are the instruction from the help pages " `ERG mode (this is the key to the immediate left of the 1 key)" this doesn’t work for me and I have two other symbols on that key as well. Do I have to press this with another key to get it to work, tried all the usual suspects… shift, esc, control, FN key etc thanks

Is this during a typical workout occupying your screen or when using the miniplayer? I’ve had issues with this when using the miniplayer depending on how I had it positioned on the screen.

Just on the normal screen.

Have you tried it with alt key located on the right side of thr space bar? Its working is different from left side alt.

You may also switch keyboard layout to US, then this “` ERG” key will work alone, without any other modifier key. It is a little cumbersome to switch layouts for one app, you can define shortcuts for that to make it a little easier, though.

Do you have the ‘backtick’ key somewhere else on your keyboard? It’s the reverse single quote mark.

What country is your keyboard? That might help us track it down for you.

And if all else fails, this should work:

Found it, it’s on the @ key, there is a back tick ( accent) on there but that works fine. Thanks all!

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