Adapter Wahoo Kickr Core


I just bought a Wahoo Kickr Core and it seems that my bike is not compatible.

Here is a photo of the system of my bicycle:

Unfortunately, the adapters from the Wahoo Kickr Core do not support mounting this system. I had a look and, according to my very limited knowledge, I need an adapter similar to this one:

Can someone provide me with some feedback?

Thank you.



@tmcampelo The metal adapters should say QR. It looks like you have the correct one mounted based on the picture. You may be able to take the skewer from your wheel and reuse it on the Kickr or just purchase a generic skewer at any local bike shop.

Contact support for additional details. There is also an installation video online that should help.

I thought the Kickr Core shipped with a QR Skewer AND QR adapters already?

Unfortunately, I got this trainer from a familiar and is missing pretty much all the adapters :confused:

Would something like this also do the job: Contec Adapter Powerhouse QR, 14.80 CHF

Thank you both for the help.



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Personally, I wouldn’t mess with other company’s stuff. If you contact support directly, they should be able to set you up with exactly what you need

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