Wahoo Kickr Thru Axle issue

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but any help is welcome. My set-up, wahoo Kickr core, purchased 1 week ago. Pinarello Paris with SRAM Rival AXS 12 speed, cassette 10-30t
Given my bike is SRAM AXS, I have swapped the Shimano freehub on the kickr core with the SRAM XDR freehub. I also have a SRAM 12 speed cassette, 10-28t.

My bike is a thru axle and I put on the 142 piece. Here’s the issue, when i try to put my bike on the trainer, it doesn’t ‘lock in’ and am unable to put the thru axle through all rings. By locking in, I refer to the thru axle adapters fitting on the bike. As you can see on the pics, the ‘bigger piece’ with 142-148 on it perfectly fits into the frame on the side where my disc brake is, which is how it should fit on the trainer. It also fits perfectly on the side of the cassette. However, the other piece, the smaller one, seems too wide to fit into the ‘opening’ as you can see on the pic, I try to push it into the place where it should fit but the ring seems to be too wide. Any idea how this can be fixed? I believe Pinarello is compatible with the wahoo Kickr core, is there a spare item I require to make this work somehow?