Add a plan for Dualthon

Any plan for a dualthon person? or more customizable plan that can add in 1-2 run per week on top of cycling plan?


I would also be really interested in such a plan!

Piling on here. I’ve been asking about a duathlon plan for awhile…

Hey all!

The good news is that we DO have duathlon plans on our to-do list.
The bad news is that it may be a little while before they’re released. We have some other really big projects in the works right now that we have to finish up first.

So in the meantime, I think the best options are:

Stay tuned for some great things coming your way soon!


Or maybe I should just suck it up and finally start learning to swim :smile:

A Systm-based Duathlon plan didn’t happen … will it ever?

The trouble with using a higher volume triathlon plan and ignoring the swim workouts is that there are inevitably multiple days with no workouts in many weeks, not to mention the fact that there’s no way to filter out / delete the swim workouts from the calendar.

Duathlon plans are on the list for the first and second rounds of updates to available SYSTM training plans.


Yay! Thanks @Coach.Mac.C !!

I run 2/3 times a week but this week I start a MAP Cycling Plan and have just added the running workouts to my calendar for those days, the workouts I’ve taken over to my Stryd workout builder and implemented them there but hopefully being able to sync workouts to other watches or devices will also happen in the updates and then when you finish your run and sync it then we can get all the data we want just like the cycling workouts. Hope this is on the list too :slight_smile:


Rather strangely I would be keen for a duathlon plan in order to train for triathlon. I had a long history as a swimmer when I was younger and I am lucky enough to have enough technique in there somewhere to generally not bother wtih any swimming training.

My fitness gets dragged up by the bike/run training and a dip in the lake to remind myself what it’s like being wet is usually enough. I have always taken the view that I would have to train for many hours to knock even a few minutes off my swim time but that same amount of training could give me a much bigger advantage on the other legs. I also find it a bit dull and finding pool time in the winter is hard.


I hope duathlon plan too !

This is EXACTLY what I came here to request too! I don’t swim, the lane swimming times at my local pool don’t really work for me, but if I do the mixed plan, I could delete the swimming sessions (I assume?) but they wouldn’t be replaced with anything else.

A dualthon plan would probably stop me from overtraining as I’m doing 3 runs and 4 rides a week but if I want a day off, I have to double up sessions which isn’t great but if I was on a plan those sessions might be cut to 5/6 a week with 1 or 2 days off with 2 runs and 3 rides one week and then 3 runs and 2 rides the next so that the training is a bit more balanced.