Add a "similar workouts" option

Would love to see a list of “similar workouts” at the end of each SYSTM workout so that I can easily and quickly choose alternatives.

I’ve just added the Wahoo Tour Prep Plan and I’ve done most of the rides before and it would be great - especially for the easier inspiration rides - to have a list of similar rides that I can substitute to make it more interesting.


This would be a great feature. If you have time its worth searching on the forum, its a commonly asked question.

For inspiration rides, I just go into the Library filter by time and sort by IF. I’ve watched most of them and now prefer to just use my bike computer to control the trainer set target power to FTPxIF and watch a TV series instead.


Yep. As JGreengrass said, this has been asked for many times, and bringing it up again is a good thing. Of course you can search and figure out an alternative yourself, but it should be a functionality of the plans. Adding the ability to search on TSS and IF ranges in the search function would help.

This is my third year on Systm and every year I see the same good suggestions for improvements to the workout player and calendar brought up multiple times.


And, just came to mind, a little icon to show that you’ve already done a workout in the workout overview would also save a lot of time in finding fresh alternatives.

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If you click on a workout, it’ll show you in a bar just below the picture the times you’ve done it in the past. If you haven’t done it, that bar doesn’t show up.

Yeah, i know, i meant on the overview so that i don’t have to click into each one and then click out again.

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