Training Plan Request


Would it be possible to adapt the training plan template - I do enjoy the training videos and find them really helpful, but sadly nothing truely beats going out on the road. Could the minions develop the plan so that we can include a “Free ride” day and also days that we might want to have off - for example, I might have a club ride every Tuesday I’d like to attend - not likely if I’ve just done GOAT before I’ve set off, or I might be doing something with my partner on a particular evening each week. I know we can move things around but it would be helpful if we could state when we plan not to use the turbo due to life already happening.

Thanks for the suffering in the mean time


Not to detract from the request, but now having a Wahoo bike computer has made a huge difference to me how this works. It automatically gives the option to ride any workout on the road instead of indoor. So I can look at the workouts scheduled for the week, take the rides I’m planning to do (saturday morning, few commutes) and pick which workouts would be most suitable for those, and then work the rest of the plan around that. I’ve found that my commute schedule has tended to fall into the swing of what SYSTM wants me to do now, and so it all works pretty well.

I don’t know what the functionality is like for other computer brands - I’d strongly suspect in my own case if my Garmin was still working, it wouldn’t do this without manual intervention, and then I just wouldn’t bother.

Hi Nick,

Sadly i am on a Garmin i probably could replicate it with effort, but id also need a power meter for the bike… im also returning to fitness, so the efforts are taking it out of me.

I also work from home, so my commute is a stair case.

I find this is a frequent problem with off the peg training plans (and from what my friends tell me when they have a coach) often they dont reflect life other than me saying “i can commit 6 hours a week”

I think your idea does work for some people in some circumstances but not all. i wanted indoor training for flexibility in grim weather, not to dictate my week :frowning: