Add exercises included list to Yoga descriptions

The Strength Training descriptions each have an Exercises Included list. I find that helpful. Could we also have that or “Poses included” added to each Yoga description? I have a few poses I need to avoid for medical reasons. It’d be nice to know which routines include them so I can plan a substitute pose or grab blocks or equipment to help me adapt.


I agree. I need to work on my flexibility and jumping right into Thunderbolt at the beginning is a non-starter.

@jmckenzieKOS @Cheryl.Vasan When I have flexibility issues I just make variations during the workout. For example I could do inchworm, sun salutation or pigeon stretch instead of thunderbolt. I figure the workout gets me to do yoga for 15 minutes but no one is watching so I can sub in whatever works that day.

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For me, balance is the issue, not flexibility. I have no inner ear/balance nerves on one side, so I rely overly on pressure on both soles of my feet and eyesight. That means I need to set up blocks or a pole for most balance poses. It’s irritating to pause to grab them. I’d prefer to avoid the clutter and reminder of my balance issues by having blocks set up if I don’t need them. That’s why I want a list like in strength. It helps me there.


@Cheryl.Vasan Ah - ok. That makes sense. I agree that a list would be great. In the meantime maybe try adding some of the yoga workouts that you know you can do to the “my list” feature in SYSTM so that you can always defer to something you know will work for you.