Longer yoga videos please?

It looks like SYSTM is just pulling the 15 minute videos from yoga15.com, but I’d love to see more 30+ minute yoga videos. I’m currently just adding additional sessions as needed when I want 30-45 minutes but that makes for some redundant warm ups and cool downs.

And as the library grows, it would be great to have some filters to target certain areas. I always loved the Down Dog app’s ability to select a “boost” (eg. Chest and shoulders, hips, hip flexors, quads, core, etc) before starting a session.

Lastly I’m sure this has been suggested but the ability to use a HR strap with yoga and strength workouts is a must. I’m currently double recording with my Apple Watch but would love to see proper implementation like in cycling workouts.


I end up doing back to back yoga sessions but it’s frustrating. Some 30 min ones would be great

I know it doesn’t track with this app but I use down dog for my yoga. Depending on the time of year you can get it for 15 bucks a year

$15/year for what I’m seeing in this app is quite a bargain!

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@Dan_Kenyon Curse you. :stuck_out_tongue: It wasn’t $15/year but at the $20/year for all their apps, I jumped into that ecosystem too.

…the never ending list of subscriptions


Ah that’s a shame it wasn’t down to $15. The good thing it it’ll always auto renew at the price you paid and with all the apps it’s a bargain.

I don’t even look at my PayPal anymore to see what subscriptions I got :see_no_evil:

I have a Notion sheet which lists all my “recurring expenses”. I should probably add a column as to whether it’s a service subscription…

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