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Hi Cody,

How about iCalendar resource:

I’ve already posted this in ask the product manager thread however this seems to be a better place, I started here with the curiosity to see if I could link my Sufferfest Training plan with Training Peaks to get the posibility to see my workouts as part of my normal calendar… But it seems that it’s no longer possible (Perhaps custom plans?).

But my main interest here, is to be able to subscribe to my Sufferfest calendar from my phone or my computer, to see what’s the schedule for a particular day, and avoid either shifting trainings around, or having to shift appointments over trainings because of time management issues…

So a ICalendar, WebCal, CalDav resource here would improve that situation a lot!, even more if via a special url, I get to edit these appointments, like I do with for instance, my personal calendar server, that uses radicale, that exposes a resource, which I subscribe to from my phone and voila!

So as a story:

As a Sufferlandrian I would like The Sufferfest App to provide me with a calendar link that I can Subscribe to, so that I can better fit my training sessions on a given day taking into account other appointments in my own calendar.


One concrete feature request and one to ponder:

  1. Choice. I’ve covered this in previous posts, but the idea is to offer some choice in workout selection based on the desired training outcome. This relates to plans, primarily. So ideally build up alternatives to choose from for a given session.
    For example, a day for high-torque muscular endurance would have Power Station scheduled with a “Feeling good?” option of G.O.A.T or a “Feeling Bad?” option of GCN Strength Endurance.
    This will also address the common issue of new users that are confused by the “reduced intensity” workouts: they can choose a NoVid to do their endurance ride, or explicity choose The Hunted at 70%, eliminating the “why isn’t this hard?” question.

  2. 5DP. Yes. Cadence is the 5th Element.
    Remember this?
    Imagine personalized cadence targets! These can be derived from an athlete’s historic data (perhaps) and then tailor-made to pinpoint the cadence zones for best performance considering the force requirements and ability to sustain.


Hey and good morning from the UK. @Cody.Moore @codyjmoore11 (there’s two of you !) - would it be appropriate to expose the backlog items already out there (so one’s that aren’t top secret), they’re ones we’ve already put in the Facebook pages in the past) to save post duplication, and then add to that list as we go as a ‘pinned’ post, so that its easy for people to see what is already ‘logged’? Or is that a commercial issue?

Ability to add an activity. E.g., I do daily Suf Yoga, but I plan a week’s worth at a time based on what rides I’m doing, whether it’s a SUF strength day, and other factors. I’ve been at the daily Suf yoga for 2.5+ years now. So the sequences I decide on do not match well with any of the yoga sequences that any of the training plans provide, so I prefer to sequence my own yoga. Currently I write my plan out on a sheet of paper for the week, but this is cumbersome. I would love to be able to add activities to my SUF calendar. It could either be activities that link to real Suf activities (e.g., be able to add Improving Posture 1 to Wednesday July 8. I would also love to be able to add activities to the calendar that I write the title of myself (e.g., be able to add “Club Ride” to Monday July 6). This way I could get my SUF calendar to be the only place I have to look to see the flow of my overall plan. Note that I always have a SUF TP loaded, so this would be me adding activities to days that may already be populated with TP activities.


Yes, I agree. I would really like these features. Today, for example, I did a 2 hour gravel ride - would have been nice to have it in my plan.

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Please start a new topic for your requests so that others can find them and vote on them if they want to. Putting them in this thread doesn’t allow for that.

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So can we have …

Sorry. Off to sleep now …

Awesome Request: A Separate tab in the App that allows us to ‘Star’ or ‘Ignite’ our favorite workouts. I am aware that we can download the favourites, but can we sort them on a separate tab? Thanks!


How about a android app??

How about a measurement and analysis system where your progress is visualized in graphic form? To measure your progress and make it visible…

Not sure whether it is mentioned somewhere else already… but could it be possible to create shortcuts for changing the volume of the music, in the MacOS app?

Currently that is the only action when riding that requires a mouse; luckily I have a wireless mouse, but still the keyboard is more direct.

Perhaps, since Swimming pools are closed, SuF could provide workout for indoor rowing machine (based on swimming / running work outs)

Hi @Cody.Moore ,
Is there anywhere we can see the feature that you have cooking up?, In the rainmaker DC new app write up he mentions some new features, where are these listed, or was this a part of press pack?

Hi @Padair, those features that DCR mentioned are the next up to be worked on. We don’t have any other plans published at this time.

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Can you add a no vid/no music logo to the calender?
It would really help to be able to see this on the phone before heading to the paincave. Always good to go prepared!


Useful things that wish there would be:

  • heart rate recording on weight training or yoga, so that it can be exported to Strava for example.

  • Watching on an ipad, in the upper right corner it seems that there is a timer which is cutoff from screen… fix it please.

  • A way to control on screen my Wahoo Headwind… right now it is an almost completely integrated ecosystem

  • My wahoo devices are registered on my gmail account while my Sufferfest account was on yahoo… i need to merge the accounts without losing history

  • Within a workout, the ability to skip or repeat(go back) a training block… just as it works on my Roam on the preloaded workouts.

  • Drag and drop to arrange workouts on calendar view

Useful things that use to be on Sufferfest old app that should come back:

  • record of how many times any given workout has been made… i wish to know which workouts haven’t been done yet, and how many times each

  • On 4DP profile ftp test, there was a great lines graph on the evolution of 4DP values across different tests in time

Hope this helps,

Daniel (Kickr v2 / Tickr / Roam / Headwind)

I was wandering if it would be possible to add a tool to create custom rides/workout with video.

For example supposing I want to create a work out with 4 sets with increasing length (2’-3’-4’-5’) and different power values (120% FTP - 115% - 110% - 105%) with 2’ rest in between, with a warmup and cool down;
a tool where I can select from a list of videos it could create this possibility.
The video can be a longer one, cut in smaller parts to fit the needs, for example, and the warmup and cooldown can be standard.

This is just one of the various hypothesis can be created.

Could you add a “favorite” button for workouts? Like a little :star: that you can click on?

There are some workout & yoga videos that I keep coming back to. It would be nice to put them all in one place so I don’t have to remember their names to enter them into the search box.