Request: Plan Outdoors Workouts & Individual Workouts

As I’m looking at the calendar view of the Systm App I see some days I know I’ll have an outdoors ride and some days I know I’ll be out of town or birthdays I won’t be riding on.

I would love to be able to right-click on the calendar day and click “add workout” followed by a planned recovery/rest day, outdoor ride, run, gym session, add a note, or a Systm video whatever it may be. That ability would make the Calendar far more useful. At the moment I’m having to use Training Peaks to do this which is cumbersome because my indoor workouts are in Systm and my outdoor workouts are in TP. I’d prefer to use just one premium calendar program.

Thank you.


You can do this from the workout library - find your workout then menu and Add to calendar. I agree though that being able to do this directly from the calendar would be a nice workflow.

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Yep, that’s what I’ve been doing! It’s a good convenience though to add directly from the calendar.

Also being able to add rest days, notes, outdoor rides, and plan cross-training (run/swim/etc) would be nice.

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Adding rest days, notes, etc all good. I don’t get adding a workout directly from the calendar as being different from what already exists. From the calendar view, I click on library and select a workout. How’s what you are proposing different?

I’m suggesting adding from the calendar view, click on the day you want to add an activity to, then select the activity you’d like to add to that one particular day.

Instead of from the calendar view, move to the library, then find a workout, then select the day. It’s a different workflow and enables one to view surrounding workouts within a week when they add a new activity.

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