Add filter for videos not yet suffered

It would be really useful to be able to show only videos not yet done. Would be great for badge collectors.

H @Sswindon this is a really great filter suggestion- thanks! I do have this already on our feature request wish list- so I’ll add a mark to the overall tally for this on your behalf!


Sorry to hijack your topic @Sswindon, but @ellisa.podemski, might it be an idea to make the feature request list you/the minions manage, public?Even if it’s read only, it might reduce duplicate requests and make us users even more thrilled to see where, for example the android app is on the roadmap.
On another service I pay for, they go even a step further and let users upvote items on the feature request list themselves so that popularity is managed by the users and not by admins. That might not be ideal. A read only list would be great to begin with.


Hey @SantiagoB I came here from your other post in the Android thread. We have the ability to upvote in our feature requests section of this forum.


I was just thinking this last night. The usefulness is only there until we’ve completed all workouts. To make it useful for master sufferers, what about a sort instead that sorts from last suffered to most recently suffered?

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