Adding the Sufferfest workout to Training Peaks workout library

I have been searching this forum for ways to add Sufferfest workouts to my Training Peaks calendar prior to doing them. The Sufferfest coaching staff can do this and I have done a couple plans that worked out great. But it is not clear to me how to do this for myself.

In Training Peaks there is the Workout Library in the upper left corner of the calendar. I have a CTS library of workouts from a CTS plan I did previously and there are dozens of workouts to choose from. I can’t imagine why Sufferfest would not have a simple way to import all of the workouts so we could plan ourselves.

What I do now is do the workout in the Sufferfest app and when I am finished it uploads to Training Peaks, which is super. But I must be missing something and can’t find the Sufferfest library on Training Peaks. There was a 2019 Twitter reference to such a library but I tried it and it doesn’t work.

Please advise