Adjusting levels whilst in ERG mode

Whilst on a easy endurance ride today in ERG mode I thought that I would step it up a bit by upping the level (My FTP) a bit. I ended up increasing to 120% and nothing happened to the resistance/power targets. Is this normal whilst in ERG mode or do you need to alter those settings before starting the session instead of on the fly. Thanks

It’s possible the section of the workout you were in is tagged as ‘Recovery’. If that’s the case, and you have ‘Don’t change recovery sections’ ticked in the Settings, then adjusting intensity won’t make any difference to the resistance.

Can you check your Settings?

In general, adjusting the intensity should change the power target in ERG mode.

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Thanks for that, will have a look when I get home. Something else I hadn’t noticed. Will get there in the end. Thanks everyone for your continued patience with all my newbie questions, cheers


What workout was it specifically? Some are essentially recovery rides.

It was P Gaimon4 neighbourhood ride 35 mins

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Yeh, there are several sections in there that are considered recovery sections so unless you toggle the “don’t adjust recovery” setting off, the increases won’t have an effect.

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