Suggested level mode session at reduced intensity

Next week I have “The Trick” lined up, with Coach notes at a significantly reduced intensity.

The workout notes for The Trick state that it should be done in level mode, but I presume this is for when you’re trying to hammer out the work.
When there is reduced intensity and you’re not supposed to be beating yourself up (AC:45%, MAP:55%, FTP:60%), should this be done in ERG mode so you are just working at the level the coaches suggest?


Yep, you can safely do that one either way at that reduced intensity. I have the same version of this workout coming up in my plan soon. Looking at it I may just go outside for an easy hour!


Hey Jon,
Good question. I would still recommend doing it in level mode as the “higher intensity” sections are still reasonably short and ERG mode can sometimes be slow to adjust.
Also, using Level mode is great to do from time to time as you need to think more about your gear shifts relating it more to an outdoor ride.
Enjoy the trick,