Power targets did not update after manual changes/ERG mode issue

I did Earth Cycle episode 1 yesterday, but I wanted a bit more intensity. I manually dialed up the effort, but the targets did not change on the screen. When I went away from ERG mode, it seemed that my resistance was already higher than what was targeted. I went into manual mode to complete the effort without problem - but something was not working right. I’m happy to share any more information if it would be helpful.

Earth Cycle is a recovery ride so you might have to add a lot more % to get much to change.

I’d email the minions and see if they can help.

But also you may need to uncheck the “don’t adjust recovery sections” (or whatever it is called) in the Settings.

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I thought that too, but even with “Don’t change recovery sections” ticked, I could still manually alter the intensity and targets.

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@jtroll I would just recommend picking another video. That is a short recovery ride for the purpose of just spinning some blood around the legs. Note that you can sort videos by length and by IF and TSS.

I would caution that if you are just amping up intensity on a day you should be recovering you should listen to the new podcast on the value of not training:

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