"Aging in Sport" - Breakfast with Boz Podcast

Excellent podcast episode with @Coach.Neal.H and @Coach.Mac.C explaining what happens physiologically as we get older and how we should consider training for endurance sports as we age. See Episode 44:

Spoiler: Recommendations are to do more intense workouts, strength work all year round, and recover more. All of this is consistent with this training article: Faster Masters/ How to Get & Stay Fast Over 40 from The Sufferfest.


Hi team, I’m 55 years old and training triathlon for 70.3 and olympic distances. I have a history of injurying myself doing Hard interval, but have prepared through strength and yoga and believe I’m ready for some harder intervals.

Which videos are recommended to get the right kind of stimulation for an older body?

And thanks for the excellent podcast :slight_smile:

Regards Torben

Excellent, cheers for this jfc. This 40-ywar-old will be tuning in

Thank you for this!
As I am not yet over 40yrs of age, I do enjoy a good podcast. But will keep the lessons learned in mind once I get closer to that age… :confused:

I only began getting stronger, faster, and longer endurance AFTER turning 50. I credit my improvements to the structured training plans, proper nutrition, and probably being a bit wiser so I’m not hurting myself like I did years ago. I just wonder how good I “could have been” years ago had I known then what I know now!!!

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@EmbOKJ Agreed - same for me. I would also credit the regular yoga. I think the techniques discussed in the video will work at any age - it is just that we often ignore that stuff when young and struggle to find it later.