🚀 New Knowledge Episode -Training & Recovery When You're Over 40 🚀

Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you have to stop training hard - you just have to do it differently.

With age comes wisdom (especially if you listen to The Knowledge). But what also comes is a need for increased recovery, strength training, and changes to your overall training approach. In this episode, Wahoo Sports Scientists Neal Henderson and Jeff Hoobler examine what happens to athletes after 40 and how to keep improving as you age.

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Better bookmark this… I hit 38 on the weekend and was feeling down I had to skip big (trainer) ride I had planned. Gardening is pretty great for crosstraining, but easy to overdo…
I felt forty. Maybe more. Not easy to adjust expectations.

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Now 40. Wish this didn’t apply to me, but it does :sob:

What is that supposed to feel like?


You guys are killing me here.


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Trying to remember…young and spry?


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I’m not sure I fully understand the concept of 40 being some magic number when the body “suddenly” develops restrictions or random pain and life becomes a time of physical hardship just simply putting on socks in the morning, for example.

I don’t recall any difference between being 38 and 40, or even the subsequent years after that.

Seems to be a mentality rather than anything else :thinking:


Well there’s no saving that one now😂 I used forty as an expression, in a joking way.
Umm, moving on… Sorry!

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