Will there be more SUF workouts?

Will we get more SUF style workouts in the app (with laser goats and chamois shredding), or is that over and done with since it got integrated in SYSTM?
Some of them I really enjoyed, not because of the training patterns, but the way the videos were made (like the one where they use Ugly Belgian Houses contents to fake real estate publicity in Belgium. As a Belgian myself I found that really funny). It’s a pity to lose all that for some cookie-cutter videos on training sessions.


Watch this space :slight_smile: GvA hasn’t left, as we all know You Can Never Leave!


Apparently! Spotted this morning on Strava:


Can we put 2 and 2 together and speculate it’s a recharger alternative… (The thread on why recharger is awesome)…

Btw I am firmly in mischief mode :slight_smile:


Looking at the power profile, I think it’s more likely he scaled down the intensity as that seems more like a proper workout than a Recharger-style recovery video. Getting some Downward Spiral vibes. It’s also very possible that this isn’t the whole thing…


Do you believe there are some “cookie-cutter” videos already, or are you just voicing a preemptive concern?

Given the workouts released in the last year, starting with The Model, although there has only been Rue the Day within the Suf vein, the A Week With … series, newer On Location, and more ProRides are enough (IMO) to keep the Holy Water flowing.


I do believe GvA has not left the building and have most times have not known what to do with what I have chased down.

I cannot expect for the The Sufferfest channel to be abandoned.

I believe there are multiple new SUF videos in the pipeline. Not that I have any insider knowledge beyond what’s posted in this thread. But Sir David has mentioned as much. So, I would definitely expect more in the not-too-distant future. Despite all the new offerings in SYSTM, The Sufferfest channel is still the core of the software.



Yes. Absolutely yes. And as @DameCristy has shared, if you’re following me on Strava you’ll often see me testing new sessions. The one I did last night, created by @Francois-Wahoo with workout by @Coach.Neal.H, will be released next month – and, as suspected in the comments, it’s a bit in the vein of Recharger, but used for a different purpose. It’s an absolute cracker and, so far, feedback from our Beta Testers has been fantastic.

Now - regarding ‘cookie cutter’ videos. Well, it’s true that we don’t make as many SUF videos in a year as we used to. And that’s because we’re having a fantastic time making other kinds of experiences. I don’t think that the style of On Location or A Week With or ProRides or the films we’ve carefully selected in Inspiration (not to mention Strength, etc.) are ‘cookie cutter’(of course, you all can disagree). They’re experiences where the (very, very small) team and I have worked hard to create unique personalities and useful workouts (with the expert help of our sports science team) and which are building their own legion of fans (you don’t want to know how many emails I’ve got from people professing their love for @michael.cotty ). If you’ve not tried any of those, I’d encourage you to give them a go (if you need help choosing one, then I recommend you fire up A Week With the UCI World Cycling Centre Road as a starter…plenty of Suffering in that one.)

There will continue to be more SUF to come. But, I dare say, an app that only had SUF workouts would not be nearly as vibrant and interesting (both for you guys and for our content team) as the one we have now.


Trust me, this new SUF workout will become an instant classic. Incredible job by the team (it truly is a thing of beauty). If the SUF team can keep churning out amazing workouts there will be a lot of very happy Sufferlandrians!


Fantastic information Mr. McQuillen. Thank you. Loving the whole Wahoo training ecosystem so far.


Etiquette please! :wink:
It is “Sir McQuillen” :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I’m new to the platform. No, I’m not a KoS…yet. However, I dare second that the variety of workouts is “vibrant” and “interesting,” and I enjoy my recovery rides as much as my core suf workouts. Often feeling truly inspired by the stories presented, making commitment and consistency a breeze. All this and massive gains in my fitness in 6 weeks! I’ve BARELY scratched the surface on all the things system has to offer. With that said, the SUF workouts really are a fun time, and hope the library continues to expand! I appreciate the balance of content (including yoga, strength, and mental).

Sending you all appreciation for the best monthly subscription during these cold and wet winter months. So, a big Thank You to your team!


Oof! Did not see that in the tutorial, lol. Please excuse noob.


Sir Noob is excused :rofl:



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A bit of leakage here, Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS? I’m guessing it wasn’t so “very, very small” not too long ago. I’m sure you can’t comment further, but I wonder if you had any idea what was coming when you sold off the IP and were rolled into Wahoominati, Inc.?

Some good/dedicated/clever/funny folks lost. Much sad. :cry:


As an old-school Sufferlandrian (from the early Video-only days), I love the on location videos. They’re a bit more like being in a bunch ride where the conversation and scenery distracts you from the fire in the legs and lungs


I wouldn’t say multiple for fear of raising expectations too high but there is more than one. :wink:
The ideas are there. Just a question of finding the time.


Looking forward to more 1:10-1:30 hour rides! sUf rides are still my favorite! and the reason I stay.
More women’s races please, too!
The on location are good but the racing i have to take a break as i am not a sprinter now or ever will be…prefer some climbing mixed in vs just sprints. but that comes from this endurance queen. I try them just to see if I can sprint suddenly but i can’t.