All purpose indoor & Outdoor with strength

Hi everybody, is there any reason why there is no option for strength in the all puspose training plan for indoor and outdoor. Strength is only paired with indoor.


Just to bump this up as I was going to ask this question too. Any ideas?

Same question for me! Anyone?

From what I’ve read in other threads it is simply because they haven’t got round to updating all the plans yet. You can add Strength as a separate plan on top of the All-Purpose plan, but it will be out of sync and may pair hard bike sessions with strength training. So you then have to juggle around the plan, which is not ideal.


I have the same question, I started all-purpose plan indoor/outdoor and today I have add a strength plan but It not in according with rule that says to do it in NM days

Hi @albianir, I don’t think there is such a rule. It is the opposite :slight_smile:

  1. Pair your strength workouts with a “Neuromuscular” bike session . That would be something like Cadence Builds, Standing Starts, Cadence Drills , and short sprint workouts. Strength sessions prime your nervous system. With a primed nervous system, hitting maximal efforts—whether it’s max cadence or a full-out sprint—helps strengthen the neurological connections between your central nervous system and your muscles. This helps your body take all of the fitness benefits from strength training and apply it to the specific motion of pedaling a bike.

Source : No Plan? No Problem. How to Incorporate The Sufferfest Strength Traini

I have read this! but how I pair with it? manually?