All the Sufferfest badge

Hi all,

Has anyone had any trouble getting the All the SUF badge?

after the tour I thought I would finally take the time to wrap up the missing stages I need for the the All the Sufferfest badge. I left the kitchen sink til the end and have finally smashed that. Phew.

Hoping to see the badge all complete in my awards I was disappointed to see that 55/56 completed is listed at the top but all the rides show green ticks. Am I missing something - where did I go wrong?

any suggestions?

many thanks

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There was a name change, or an edit, to Revolver is Easy that caused some grief for some folks. You might see there’s no check mark there, even if you did it.

You can contact the minions to submit a support request, they’ll sort it out for you

Also, congrats!


thanks Glen, that’s much appreciated - I’ll drop them an request and see what comes of it :+1: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Fyi, I am showing the badge as acquired, but the list is “incomplete”.


Weird! the opposite of me. Revolver is easy(mash-ip) ia marked as complete with a nice green tick in my list but badge is unfilled. Minions are looking into it for me - bless their hardworking socks.


A number of months back I was surprised to be missing a checkmark despite having the badge. I ended up riding Revolver is Easy (again) to get the check mark, only to later check in history to see I had ridden it multiple times before. Too late to contact the minions, but a good ride nonetheless.