Quest to Complete all Suf

I’ve been on a quest to complete all Suff videos. Today was Thin Air and why the heck hadn’t I rode it before??? Supah ride! :metal:t3:


Next step is the “Thin Air Mash up” 2hrs 27 minutes of fun. The first part is “ISLAGIATT” with another 40 minute climbing interval tacked onto the end


All the ones I avoided for so long were the mashups…time to greet suffering with an open hand.

thank you @fukawitribe and @Thomas !


I really like those mash ups. The Shark is quite persistent.
From The Mash ups only “Revolver is easy” and “Told off by Angels” are missing. If I have more time I will complete the All SUF List faster.
Both are relatively short and I know I will enjoy Revolver is easy. It is right up my alley.

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After doing Thin Air, I’m sure you’ll find the second half of ISLTA pretty, er, familiar. * cue ominous shark music *

ISLTA is one of my favorites. I enjoy it more than the two rides done by themselves.

After over 3 years…. I finally did it today……
All at 100%, otherwise it doesn’t count….



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