Altitude and power goals

Hi there, I wanted to ask you if I should take elevation in consideration when setting my power goals; I’d like to reach the mighty 4w/kg, at my current weight that would mean 304 w. When I export my activities to strava, the sauce add-on tells me that my estimate power at sea level could be 13.6% higher; would that mean that my 4w/kg power goal is 267w if I keep training like I’m beigng doing at around 2600 m / 8500 ft, or altitude doesn’t matter here?

Have you been living at altitude permanently? If so it’s most likely that you’ve adapted to being at altitude and your body is producing more red blood cells in reaction to the altitude (the reason pros train at altitude and why back in the old days [hopefully still back there] they did transfusions with oxygenated high altitude blood taken while at altitude). You may find that riding at sea level felt easier but your body would quickly adapt to that as well